Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Installing a Windows 8 App Package

My previous article was about creating an app package which is extremely easy to do. This article is about how to install it, which is a bit more tricky.

1. A package can be installed on a developer licensed machine. If you don't already have a dev license, one can be obtained through an installation of VS2012 or by running a  PowerShell script. This article covers more on  PowerShell , but this MS article covers getting a license:


2. First installation step is to run PowerShell in admin mode. To do this from the start page, simply type 'powershell' and it will appear:

3. Right-click the PowerShell icon and the app menu will appear:

4. Select 'Run as Administrator', a UAC prompt will appear, click 'Ok' and the PowerShell console will appear.

5. If you haven't run  PowerShell  script before, script need enabling by entering the 'Set-ExecutionPolicy unrestricted' command:

6. Type 'y + enter' and the policy will be applied. Now the package can be installed.

7. Change the path to the app location and type the name or the installation script, in this case it was 'Add-AppDevPackage.ps1'. Press enter and the installation will begin (the above picture show all these steps).

8. A new Powershell console will appear prompting you to confirm the installation type 'y + enter' to install:

9. The console will now close an return to the previous one, which will finish off the procedure:


  1. Hi Geoff,

    I'm really really thankful to you for such a nice article. Heartily thanks again.


    Abdul Rahim

  2. Hi Geoff,

    this has been really helpful, I can't help but be disappointed by Microsoft botched release of the development tools for developing windows 8 apps, You would expect that they would just include a simple file that you can tap on a surface tablet and then install the app, it was this simple when deploying windows 7 apps. But as usual, everything with Microsoft these days is taking a step forward and two steps back, that's why the Xbox music app on win 8 is seriously lacking, that's why I can't play videos I purchased through xbox music on the surface on my phone, That's why I need a hyper v enabled PC to be able to run a windows phone 8 emulator, and the list goes on and on and on. Does Microsoft have BA's who define upgrade paths? do they even have migration specialists? Are their QA team picking these things up? The quality of services coming from that company in the last year has been seriously lacking... I'm not calling any names here but Bill gates needs to step in for a few months or so and look to shake things around. I see a clear lack of leadership within that company and having been a Microsoft loyalist since I was a student partner, in the past week or so, I've been seriously looking into moving into the Apple Eco system.

  3. Hi Stephen, i know how you feel, it was a tough year last year and things don't seem that settled. There was a lot of hype about win8 and i followed all the betas and got a couple of apps on the store before release, but downloads have been a bit disappointing and my enthusiasm is waring off a bit! The wp8 thing is a pain, i suspect the hyper v thing is to save effort creating emulators for all the different flavours of platform and just run the firmware without too many adjustments, but it took me a few attempts to get the emulator to work at all and even now they don't all run. I recently write about how to transfer a file using obex over Bluetooth, i had to dig into the Bluetooth protocol specs to do it as there are no useful ms examples; there is an example of controlling an RC car and another which is supposed to open a socket but doesn't work...how many people want to transfer a file? How many want to control an RC car???